Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.

Between joining a group event like a dance class and the 1-to-1 dating, which is better in finding a suitable potential partner?

Answer: Both approaches have their benefits and you should consider both. When you join a group event and meet several singles, you get to interact with different people while doing a fun activity such as learning how to dance. This approach allows one not to be the only focus of attention and gives one the chance to observe others in a group environment. When you meet another single in a one-to-one date such as having coffee together in a cafe, you get to know the person better when you interact with each other. People generally behave differently between the two situations so combining both do increase one's chances in finding a suitable potential partner.

Question 2.

I have never learned dance before, will I be able to follow in the dance class? I really do want to impress my potential partners in the dance class.

Answer: No worries! The dance classes are structured and taught by experienced teachers who will start from the very basics of each type of dance. Participants in the class will start with basic steps to warm up before the teacher progress to partner work for partner dances. When you present a good learning attitude during the class, others will have a good impression of you.


Question 3.

How can I let you know if I am interested in any participants in the class?

Answer: At the end of each session, you can fill up a feedback form and indicate on it who you are interested in. We can use this information as part of our scheduling and planning when we fill up participants for subsequent courses or events. 

Question 4.

What is the 1-to-1 Dating process like?

Answer: We first schedule you a have a 1-to-1 profiling interview with one of our Dating Practitioners. During the interview, you will have to complete a profiling form and provide your updated personal information as accurate as possible.  The information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidence to protect your privacy. Your Dating Practitioner will then search for a suitable candidate for you based on the criteria you provided during the interview. In most cases, the 1-to-1 date will happen over coffee at a quiet cafe arranged by your Dating Practitioner. After the date, your Dating Practitioner will collect feedback from you on how the date went.